About the courses

Become a Better Cook

Learn how to improve your cooking skills by gaining more confidence with each session and increasing your number of go-to recipes.

Healthier and Tastier Meals

Learn about health benefits of foods and experience how much better freshly home cooked meals taste—and avoid processed foods and food packed with cheap fats additives and hidden sugars.

Save Time and Money

All recipes are budget friendly time and friendly and most are easy to precook. All recipes are tested several times. By adding up your weekly meals you get an accurate shopping chart and minimize food wastage, which in return saves you, lots on your food bills every week.

Delicious Recipe-Lessons in HD Video

Walter himself or professional chefs and food makers present every course, recipe and how-to, easy to follow videos with no ads, not only showing “HOW” but also explaining the “WHY.

Unlimited Access

Your Walter Trupp On –Line Cooking School membership includes unlimited access to our entire library of video courses, recipes and how-to cooking skills.

Get In Touch With Walter’s Personal Secrets

Walter shares his secrets for developing amazing flavours that transform the everyday dish into exceptional tasting meals that are sure to impress your friends and family. Get in touch with him through social media and your question could be the topic for the weekly Facebook live video. In any case, we will try to help you with all your questions so please like us on social media and stay in touch for daily updates. Get notifications to webinars, new blog posts and podcasts.

Step-By-Step videos and step by step PDF`s

In addition to the videos, each recipe features a complete set of step-by-step instructions with in depth PDF recipes.

Suitable for All Skill Levels

Whether you’re just getting started cooking or completely confident in the kitchen, there are many things that our courses can teach you.

How it works


  • Once you purchase a class (or receive one as a gift), you (or the gift recipient) will receive a confirmation email with enrolment instructions
  • Visit any time, as often as you like—just make sure that you’re logged in to your Walter Trupp On –Line Cooking School account
  • You can pause, review and skip around within the course materials, so it’s easy to learn at your own pace
  • You’ll have access to a video to each recipe and technique and printer- friendly, downloadable instructions for every recipe, as well as supplemental videos to certain techniques and chef’s tips that take a deeper dive into topics discussed in class. Some PDF files have lots more information too basically on shopping tips and nutrition.
  • View shopping and equipment lists, and easily purchase needed equipment with links to our e-commerce shops (to be launched soon).
  • Start conversations with your classmates or ask questions using the in-course Discuss button
  • Share pictures in the Gallery or use the social media links to share with your friends