FQA’S – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Q: I think this might be fun, but I don’t know much about cooking. Which class is right for me?

A: Our classes are great for cooks of all skill levels—pick whichever appeals to you or join the subscription model where you have access to all of it, save heaps of money and have access to our monthly specials from our online shop. You also get into draws for some great monthly give aways.

Q: Can I take a course with my friends?

A: Each course has an in-class discussion area—if your friends are enrolled in the same class, you’ll be able to post messages and pictures or ask questions. You can also share your progress through the course with links to social media.

Q: I’m interested in learning how to cook XX, but I don’t see a course for that. Can I suggest one?

A: Sure! We’re always interested in hearing from you. And keep checking our Courses page—we add new classes on a regular basis.

Q: Can I download my class to watch offline?

A: Access to the course itself requires a working Internet connection. That said, the recipes and some supplemental course materials can be downloaded for offline use.

Q: How are the online cooking classes different to TV shows?

A: For one, there are no commercial breaks. Walter thought “home chef” for over ten years and loves to go into a home chefs way of thinking. Classes are designed for easy home use, they assist and easy to relate to as you receive a video printable copy of the recipe. The online classes are more personable than watching a television show. In addition, you can go at your own pace, never missing a beat, which allows you step by step learning. You can go back as many times as you want & repeat. You can stop and start videos, print out the recipes, and make your own online (and printable) cookbook, which you can’t do from TV. In addition, more detail on tips and techniques is provided along with the recipes.

Q: Is this class acceptable for a beginner?

A: Yes, videos explain recipe ingredients and steps clearly. Instructions are super clear, perfect for a beginner and designed to make you more confident. Also the more experienced cooks could benefit and sharpen skills. The videos make it perfectly suitable for a beginner and make the steps easier to follow with lots

of guidance and comments at each step during the prep and cooking process.

Q: When are the classes? Are they set on a selected date or whenever?

A: These classes stream online, so they are available 24/7 whenever you’re ready.